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Nestled in the heart of Fishkill, NY, our family-owned water filtration company has proudly served homes and businesses for more than 30 years.

Looking for a water filtration or a water softener system in Fishkill, NY?

At AquaSoft Systems, your satisfaction marks our success. We specialize in transforming hard water into soft, ensuring that every drop flowing from your tap is pure, clean, and delightfully soft.

We hold a firm belief in treating our customers as family, guiding them to the perfect system tailored for their home. Understanding that one solution does not fit all, we pride ourselves on providing personalized water solutions.

For more than three decades, we’ve been committed to designing water treatment solutions that surpass the expectations of modern households. Our goal is to guarantee that your drinking water is free from harsh minerals and other contaminants, making it safe and delightful for every use, from drinking to bathing.

For more detailed information on our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let AquaSoft Systems provide you with the solution to all your water treatment needs, ensuring your water is clean, soft, and safe for everyone in your home.

Our Services

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to cater to every drop of water that passes through your home, ensuring it’s free from the adversities of water hardness, heavy metals, and more.

Water Filtration Systems

AquaSoft Systems offers water filtration services to ensure that your property has clean drinking water at all times. Designed to remove contaminants, heavy metals, chlorine, and more, our systems provide access to clean and safe water throughout your entire home. Our water filtration systems will effectively remove contaminants while retaining natural minerals for great-tasting water that is also safe to drink.

By installing a brand new water filtration system in your home, you can ensure that you always have clean drinking water while also reducing  your impact on the environment. We also offer water filtration  maintenance and water conditioning service. Water filtration and water softener available.

Water Softener Systems

AquaSoft Systems offers water softening services to improve the quality of your water. Water softening systems provide various benefits, including reducing the build-up of hard minerals on the sink, tiles, and other fixtures.

Hard water is a thing of the past with our cutting-edge water softeners. Whether you choose salt-based water softeners for their efficiency in eliminating mineral buildup or opt for our innovative salt-free options, AquaSoft ensures your water is soft, protecting your appliances, pipes, and ensuring your water heater operates at peak efficiency. We are dedicated to providing you with the best water  system at an affordable price. 

Residential Water Treatment

Our whole house water filter systems are the cornerstone of our offerings. Imagine every faucet, shower, and appliance in your home delivering water that’s not only safe but crystal clear.

AquaSoft Systems offers top-quality residential water treatment services. Our water filtration systems will remove all  hardness, chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, heavy metals, and bacteria particulate matter, and odors to deliver incredibly  enjoyable water. Our water system utilizes specially engineered components for the  most efficient and economical water treatment system available. 

Service Areas

At AquaSoft Systems, we’re proud to offer our exceptional cleaning services across a broad region, ensuring that more homes and businesses can benefit from our expertise and dedication. Currently, we serve the following areas:

  • Fishkill, NY
  • Wappingers Falls
  • Hopewell Junction
  • Goshen, NY
  • Chester, NY
  • Orange County, NY
  • Dutchess County, NY

Recent Projects in Fishkill, NY, and Beyond

Why Choose AquaSoft Systems?

Customers First

We believe in treating our customers like family when recommending a system for their homes. We also believe that one size fits all mentally doesn’t apply.

Personalized Service Designed for Every Need

We’re not just about water softening; we’re about offering a personalized service that fits your life.

From households with heavy water use to those concerned about specific contaminants, our systems are tailored to account for how much water you use, the specific challenges of your water supply, and your budget.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Save money on appliance repairs, detergent usage, and energy bills with our efficient systems. With AquaSoft, worry less about the cost and more about the benefits. Our systems are designed for longevity and efficiency, saving you money on maintenance, energy, and extending the lifespan of your household appliances.

Professional and Custom Installation

Our team ensures a seamless install, whether it’s for a new home or an upgrade to your existing system. Each system, whether for well water or city supply, is installed with precision. Our experienced technicians ensure a seamless integration with your existing plumbing, including the installation of a bypass valve for easy maintenance.

Ready to Transform Your Water Experience?
Contact Us Today.

Don’t let hard water, mineral buildup, and contaminants like heavy metals dictate the quality of water in your home. With AquaSoft Systems, discover the pinnacle of water softening and filtration technology designed for every drop that passes through your pipes. From comprehensive whole house systems to specialized water softeners, including salt-based options tailored for your average water usage, we ensure your water is soft, clean, and free from the damaging effects on plumbing, appliances, and your daily comfort.

Take the first step towards a lifetime of superior water. Contact AquaSoft Systems today for a consultation and see how we can make a difference in your house with our state-of-the-art water filter and softener systems.

What Our Clients Say

Gerard Koziak
Gerard Koziak
I reached out to Fred from AquaSoft to replace an aging pressure tank and water softener system. I explained to him exactly what I wanted. He asked for photos so he could come prepared with a price quote. He was very punctual and knowledgeable about his product. He explained exactly how the system works and took a water sample to confirm that what I wanted would suit my needs. Unlike other vendors, he did not "fish" for previous quotes but gave me a fair and honest price before he left. He also did not try and upsell more than was required. I especially like that Fred is not just a salesman but gets involved with the installation process, along with his son-in-law Chris. This shows me that he has pride in his work. They were neat and efficient during the install. A few days later I noticed a very minor issue and reached out to Fred. He was prompt to respond and correct it to my satisfaction. His demeanor and customer service are second to none and I would highly recommend him.
Ree Fqh
Ree Fqh
Fred was amazing the through the whole process. Something came up and he reached out and advise and then rescheduled. He’s very reasonable and timely. Efficient and pleasant person to work with.
Nick Verdichizzi
Nick Verdichizzi
Aquasoft Water Systems, particularly Fred, exceeded my expectations. Fred's knowledge and prompt response were impressive. He efficiently replaced our well water pressure tank and repaired a leaky pipe. Not only did he demonstrate expertise, but he was also genuinely friendly. The pricing was reasonable, and the job was completed swiftly. Highly recommend for excellent service and fair prices.
Luiz Ebert
Luiz Ebert
Fred is extremely competent And professional. Punctual and courteous, he is extremely knowledgeable of his trade, and will explain details about filtration and water softening until the client understands exactly what he is doing, and why. Highly recommended.
George Mora
George Mora
Fred is beyond professional and courteous. Very knowledgeable and honest. He fixed my water softener. Great job! I will definitely recommend him.
Vanessa Sanchez
Vanessa Sanchez
Being new to Ulster County from NYC, it can be pretty scary to make a decision on which contractor to use for a water conditioning system. Out of all the contractors I spoke with, Aquasoft's owner, Fred, was the most knowledgeable, patient, professional and affordable. He strives to educate his clients first so that they can make the most informed decision. I've learned so much from Fred in the short time I've known him and feel completely confident in his product and service. I would highly recommend Aquasoft as the top choice for water conditioning and filtration services!
Omar Mejia
Omar Mejia
I highly recommend aquasoft system , fred is great , he did a great job at my house
Matthew Simone
Matthew Simone
Installed UV light for well system and could not be happier with both the results and quality of care.
Saida Blandon
Saida Blandon
Had Aquasoft Systems install a 3 stage water filtration system . The installers did a phenomenal job , they were professional and very courteous . They left everything organized and explained the whole process . I would definitely recommend Aquasoft Systems to all my family and friends . Fred was knowledgeable and I would give 💯 percent referral for their work . Thanks again .
TARLEY Johnson
TARLEY Johnson
I give Fred 110% . Good job on my water System installation. You are the kinda guy people can trust thank you so much.

Frequently Asked Questions
at AquaSoft Systems

Our whole house systems are meticulously designed to address a wide range of water concerns, from hard water and chlorine to heavy metals and mineral buildup. Each whole house system, whether it’s for tap water or well water, aims to improve your water quality significantly, ensuring that every drop from your faucet is as pure and clean as nature intended.

Our water softener systems, including both salt-based and magnetic water softeners, function by removing the minerals that cause water hardness, such as calcium and magnesium. The systems use resin beads for ion exchange (salt-based) or magnetic fields (magnetic) to transform hard water into soft water, for example, thereby preventing scale buildup in your home’s plumbing and appliances.

Salt-free water softeners are systems that condition water to reduce scale buildup without using salt or chemicals. They operate by altering the structure of minerals in water, preventing them from depositing as scale on surfaces and appliances, without removing the minerals entirely. This makes them an eco-friendly and maintenance-free alternative to traditional salt-based softeners.

Yes! While the primary function of a water softener is to remove minerals causing hardness, the overall improvement in water quality can also enhance the taste and purity of your drinking water, especially when combined with our specialized filtration systems that remove other contaminants.

Salt-free water softeners offer several advantages, including no need for salt or chemicals, lower maintenance costs, lower price, and they’re environmentally friendly. These systems prevent mineral buildup without adding sodium to your water, making them ideal for individuals on low sodium diets or those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Your average water usage plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate size and type of filtration system installed for your home. Higher water usage may require a system with a higher flow rate and grain capacity to ensure efficient water treatment without a drop in water pressure or quality.

Maintenance typically involves checking the salt level in the brine tank for salt-based softeners, cleaning the tank periodically, and replacing the filtration media as necessary. Our team offers comprehensive service plans to keep your system in top condition, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Absolutely. By preventing scale and mineral buildup, our systems help extend the life of your appliances, reduce the need for costly repairs, and improve efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills. Moreover, softened water can reduce the amount of soap and detergent needed for washing clothes and cleaning, offering further cost savings.

Signs you might need our services include spots on dishes, scale buildup on faucets, dry skin and hair after bathing, faded clothes, and decreased water pressure. Testing your water’s hardness and checking for contaminants can help determine the best system for your needs.

Yes, our filtration systems are designed to tackle a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, and other trace amounts of pollutants, ensuring your water is safe for drinking, cooking, and all other household uses.

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